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      Brand new toys - Where do we get them from?

      Brand new toys - Where do we get them from?

      Did you know that big box and online retailers throw out BRAND NEW TOYS?????


      We always get questions about where we get our brand new toys. In addition to you lovely people selling them to us, we rescue LOTS of toys from the landfill. Even if a toy is brand new and in packaging, big box retailers will often chuck it in the landfill once it’s been returned.  It’s often cheaper to destroy the goods than re-shelve or donate them. This is an ecological disaster, and makes me a bit nauseous.

      We launched almost a year ago to make a dent in this massive problem. We can often buy pallets of toys at low prices to save them from the landfill. Some are broken and get thrown out, but most are perfect (except for slightly dented packaging). We tell you if the toy is giftable, or just new in dented packaging, and pass on the savings to you.

      In 2019, France passed an anti-waste law to force retailers to recycle or donate all returned merchandise. Canada doesn’t have a law like this.

      So lobby your MPs and MPPs. And buy pre-loved. And buy rescues :-)