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      Plastic Toys

      Plastic breaks. We get it. You’ll often have a set of toys, and not all pieces will last. While we can’t purchase the incomplete set, we can give it a new life. If you’re scheduling a pickup from us, send on that incomplete set. We will see if we can do our best to give it a new life.


      Most new toys come in packaging. Wrapped in packaging. In another layer of packaging. In an effort to do the right thing environmentally, we will aim to minimize packaging layers and reuse boxes wherever possible. That means that your toys will not come with fancy ribbons, in tissue paper, and in brand-new boxes. They might come in a reused Huggies or Pampers box. Regardless, we will package them right to ensure that they arrive at your house in one piece.

      If the item you purchase is a gift, and you’d like a little more extensive wrapping and packaging, please let us know and it will be our pleasure to do so.