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      Product safety and cleanliness are our #1 priority. All toys and sporting goods are inspected for missing or hazardous parts. Loose threads are cut off of toys. Battery operated toys have their batteries removed before being sold (to account for age). Bicycles and tricycles have their tires inflated with air, and we ensure their brakes are working. Books are thumbed through to ensure no foreign materials are embedded between the pages.

      All goods are quarantined for 3 days before being handled. Once quarantined, they are inspected. Once inspected and deemed acceptable, they are cleaned with hot water, antibacterial wipes, and spray. Fabric components are washed with hot water with laundry detergent if possible. They are again quarantined for 3 days before being shipped/delivered.

      We post age suggestions as per manufacturers’ suggestions.

      We must insist that all toys be used with adult supervision.

      We do not acquire products from smoking households.