We offer free shipping on orders over $60 in Ontario and $150 across Canada. Free delivery for our neighbours in Corso Italia/Wychwood and Oakwood Village with no minimum!
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      You decide on how you would like to be paid.

      We commit to having your items assessed 6 weeks from your pickup date.

      You can choose to receive your payment as store credit, as cash (e-transfer), or donate the value.

      • If you choose store credit, we will give you a 20% bonus! Store credit never expires. 
      • If you choose to receive the cash, we will e-transfer the value to you. Values less than $25 will be paid in store credit.
      • If you choose to donate the value, we will donate it to the good folks at Birthmark Support or Sistering, and add an additional 10% of our own funds on to your donation.

      Unpurchased Items

      Should we receive any items we choose not purchase, you can either pick them up within 2 weeks of your payout notice, or choose to donate them to our charity partners Birthmark Support or Sistering

      Payout Prices

      Payout is a flat 20% of our selling price.

      If an item is in Good used condition, or used - very well loved condition, we will likely not purchase it. However, if it is an item in demand, we will purchase it for a lower value.

      We'll be honest – you’ll likely earn more money selling on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. However, if you choose to sell with us, you’ll have the items out of your house, and we’ll do all of the work.

      If you are curious what an item will sell for, find a similar item on our site for comparison.