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      Items bought will be updated monthly. Please let us know what you're interested in buying, and check back frequently for our updates.

      As of September 2021, we currently are accepting the following:


      Books (Chapter, Story or Board Books) - please note that if a storybook has been published in both hard and soft covers, we will price by the softcover (regardless of edition)

      • The Bad Guys, Big Nate, Dragon Masters & Dogman series
      • Little People, Big Dreams books
      • Books by the author Leslie Patricelli
      • Books by the author Todd Parr
      • Books by the author Sandra Boynton, particularly Moo, Baa, Lalala, Doggies and A to Z (but all books welcome!)
      • These specific books, in excellent used condition/new:
        • • A is for Activist (by Innosanto Nagara)
          • Peek-a-Who (by Nina Laden)
          • Where is the Green Sheep? (by Mem Fox)
        • Oh Crap! The potty training book
      • Books on Difficult topics: Death and dying, divorce, moving houses
      • Books on the following topics:
        • Indigenous stories & culture - especially needed
        • Differently abled children
        • Racism
        • Different backgrounds, heritage and celebrations: Tamil, Orthodox Christian, Lunar New Year, African and African-Canadian, St. Patrick's Day & Irish history, Hispanic/Latinx, Somali, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Greek, Italian, South Asian, Diwali/Deepavali, Kwanzaa)
        • Ramadan/Eid/Islamic history/religion - especially needed 
        • Terry Fox
        • Remembrance Day
        • Easter
        • Stories about Pride & LGBTQ+/”non-traditional” families
        • Jewish holidays/culture (excluding PJ Library books)
        • Stories about your specific culture and heritage

      We do not acquire products from smoking households.

      We don't take any toy guns or other weapons, or anything glorifying violence (with the exception of light sabers). We don’t take stuffed animals.

      In general, we don't take any books that were printed over 10 years ago, tiny plastic toys, McDonald's or giveaway toys, or teething toys.

      Plastic Toys – Plastic breaks. We get it. You’ll often have a set of toys, and not all pieces will last. While we can’t purchase the incomplete set, we can aim to give it a new life. If you’re scheduling a pickup from us, send on that incomplete set. We will see if we can do our best to give it a new life.

      If you would simply like to get the toys in your house picked up, without payment, we will pickup all toys you'd like us to, and donate whatever toys we cannot use.